There are four body types: Hourglass, Banana/Rectangle, Pear and Apple.


Although we would all love to have an hourglass figure; there are ways to dress that highlight your body’s best and worst features.

Apple (triangle downward)
Apple-shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips; such as, Elizabeth Hurley, Cathrine Zeta Jones, and Tyra Banks, all three have an apple shaped figure.

When dressing this shape:

  • Do-opt for A-Line skirts and dresses.
  • Don’t- Hide in a baggy pants or jeans. Wear skinny jeans and shorts to show off your beautiful legs!
  • Do- Wear wrap dresses, they are always a winner for an apple body shape as they fit nicely over a fuller bust. A side tie on the dress will draw attention away from the stomach
  • Don’t- Don’t wear pants that are too tight, even if you have good legs, because that makes your top seem extra large. Remember, while you want to emphasize your better attributes, the challenge is to do so while also keeping your overall look in balance.


Banana, or straight (rectangular)
Banana-shaped women’s waist measurement is 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement. While it may seem somewhat difficult to emphasize curves, there are a few tricks that can help. Refer to Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Aniston who share this shape.

  • Do- Wear A-Line or tulip shaped skirts, a little high on the waist will create the illusion of curvy hips.
  • Don’t- Wear deep V-Neck shirts, unless you want to show a lack of bust.
  • Do- Wear a Ruffle top, this creates an illusion of a bust
  • Don’t- Even look at a cropped jacket!










Pear, Spoon, or Bell (triangle upward) 

Pear-shaped women’s hip measurements are greater than their bust measurements. This rounder woman has the best rear end on the planet! Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet.

  • Don’t- Wear Hip Hugger jeans or super tight jeans and pants. This only makes your back side look bigger; although, in recent trends a plump rump is delicious…A planet in your pants gets the wrong kind of orbit.
  • Do- Slip on a pencil skirt! You ladies have the best shape for these skirts. Keep it high waisted, this will narrow your waist and create and illusion of an hourglass figure.
  • Don’t- Wear BAGGY shirts! This makes you look frumpy!
  • Do- Wear a scooped neck or boat neck shirt. This will widen the shoulders and balance your bottom half.




Hourglass Shape (triangles opposing, facing in)

Here, the hip and bust are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist. Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, and Halle Berry all have an hourglass figure. This is and will always be the simplest figure to dress. But with simplicity comes mistakes!

  • Don’t- Wear mini-skirts, this makes you look shorter, your best friends are the knee length pencil skirt, and the mid thigh length skirts.
  • Don’t- Sheath dresses are not a good idea, while being elegant, they just skim over everything. Say “bye bye” to your curves if you wear a sheath dress.
  • Do- Go for the sweetheart neckline, v-neck and scoop neck. These necklines look great on your top and bring attention up…well, not all the way up.

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Just a simple girl with grown up tastes, loving loop holes. Raised by fascinating, fabulous women, and men who knew how to be men. Picking up tricks from all the places I have been and the people I know has kept me alive and fed. Now I will share them with you. I am not a fashion master, I know what I like, and love the classics. My idols in fashion are Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Coco Chanel, Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Meryl Streep and Princess Diana. The women I fashion myself after, take risks and always come out on top. They can be sweet and they can be sexy, but they never try too hard to be anything but themselves.

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Dec 05, 2012

I am not sure if I can agree wuth women body shape,
Apple, banana, pear, hourglase, etc…
I do personal think that we can change the shape of our bodys,
Differente exercises fitnness, plastic surgery, other alternatives to surgery, diet, life style, and the most important our background where our origens came from.
why all this names to classify body shapes, special with women, what about men body shape? Is there any man Apple or hourglass body shape, etc…ect…etc…???
I Think everyone are unic individuals,
we should be just happy,
Dont insulte me and call me apple, or pear, or box…
the end…