Waking up this morning, staring at the black abyss that is my closet; trying desperately to figure out what black shirt to where with my favorite charcoal yoga pants? Wondering, at what age did I stop wearing yellow? How old was I when I stopped having a rainbow in my closet, and decided that black white and grey were the only things that ever looked good on me? The closest I get to color is in my underwear drawer, and curious part of lime green socks I can’t seem to stop wearing.

I am sure I am not the only one who is infected with the “Lack of color” illness. Spending hours filling up our shopping carts with a random assortment of prints and colors, and by the time we make it up to the register to pay…We have inevitably ended up buying two black shirts.

Now, if you wear bright colors, fabulous prints and are unafraid to don neon, congratulations. But, what you don’t know about compatible colors to skin tone, could have you missing out on highlighting your most exposed feature, your skin.

There are three groupings of skin tone, those with more pink undertones, those with more yellow undertones, and those with a balance of pink and yellow.
Examples:  Ivory or fair skin has more pink undertones, bronze skin has more yellow undertones, and olive skin has a balance of the two. Know your undertone! In choosing a color that looks the best on you, that is one of the most important pieces of information. Here is a nifty chart to help you figure it out.

Secondly, understand how color REFLECTS off of your skin. It throws a veil onto your face, or a shadow if it’s a dark or cool color.

  • If you have very fair skin, white will seem to drain the color from your skin but, what it is actually doing is adding a layer of white to your already white skin. White is a perfect example. Effectively, washing all your color out and highlight dark circles under your eyes while making your cheeks look hollow or gaunt. In other words, you look dead. Fair skin looks best in muted or pale colors; such as, mauve, olive, mustard, pale yellow, pale blue, pastels and peach. And instead of a crimson red try a more wine or bordello red.
  • If you have darker skin colors like white, bright yellows, bright pinks, reds, and greens, can highlight your cheeks and give you a glow, while darker colors throw another shadow across your skin and hide you. Try to steer clear of beige, khaki, yellowish greens, certain shades of purple and dark blues. Instead, try any pastels and even neon looks good on you.   
  • If you have a balance of yellow and pink…I don’t like you because EVERY color suits you. White brings out a tan in your skin, pink highlights your cheeks; yellows make you look strong and daring, and any shade of blue looks like it was dyed that way just for you.

HINT!  Learn this easy trick to pick the perfect color! When it comes to bright colors in particular, there is an easy trick. And you already know it. When you were little, did you ever hold a Butter cup flower underneath your chin, to see if you loved butter? Well, as any BRIGHT color will do that, hold it underneath your chin in a sunlight room. Look in the mirror and check its reflection off your skin. If you glow, it’s good. If it highlights blemishes and dark circles…get rid of it.

Happy hunting, and don’t be afraid to paint your wardrobe!

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