I know nothing about curling irons, hair straightners, or the 100 ways to use hair spray. I am barely useful with a blow dryer, but I am a genius with three dozen bobby pins! Taking random braids and sections of hair and tacking them into my head with two bobby pins at a time. There is a fantastic laziness to them that makes it seem difficult. Lord knows I am not going to get through any metal detector at the airport, but I look great!

The type I love the most are the loose bun updo’s and ponytails. Easily transferred from dressed down to dressed up. Making them the most popular for weddings or for when you’re running your usual errands.

  • We will start with the simplest: The Pony Tail.
    There are four different kinds I wear myself. The high top, the mid or low, and the side.
  • The high top ponytail: If done straight with nothing special everyone knows, here is the technique for the bumped high top. Taking the hair from the crown of your head and teasing it to your preferred height. Decided whether or not you want it messy, for a messy look simply drag your fingers through your hair in a combing motion after combing it back gently. Tie with hair tie as tight as you like (add head band and push forward to create baby bump in front). Spray with hair spray and go.

  • Mid ponytails: I tease the hair near the front, a little at the crown and near where I will pull the hair into the tie (Behind the temples). Tie it off with the hair tie, spray with hair spray. Hint!:  After spraying with hair spray, wait three seconds and then comb your  fingers through to get it a little messy.

  • Low ponytails: For a low ponytail, still tease your hair at the crown and brush back to the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair tie and gently pull to heighten the volume.

  • The side ponytail is the best when you want to wear a headband, and no need to spray your hair if you don’t want to. Comb your hair to whichever side you like, and tie it right behind the ear, pull the hair just below the tie, to tighten gently. Hint!: Put in your head band first before tying off your hair.

Low and side ponytails can really be classified as the same thing, just a difference in wheather you tie it close to the ear and if you drap your hair over to one side.

Now for the simplest updo to start is the Side Bun: It is the same as the side pony tail with just a twist, and then securing it with a few bobby pins. To further hide the hair tie, I will clip in a flower or feather. If you want it curly or messy, just curl your hair before in small sections, then tie off to the side.

For extra flare put in a few random braids, making sure to braid from the opposite side working toward the side you will secure the bun; i.e., if you are going to have your bun on the left, braid from the right to the left. This makes it easier to twist and secure without getting that weird annoying loose fold in the braid.

Quick and Messy: Starting with clean hair, begin by making the first section at the crown, secure with bobby pin. Work your way round your head. From top, then each side starting at the temples, then the bottom until all your hair is secured. Random sized sections are fine to work through out.  (If you want to tease some sections and curl other’s, a good idea).  Pull a few strains out at the bottom about your neck. Spray with hair spray and out you go. Hint!: If you like or have bangs, and don’t want to pull them back pull out of the bobby pins before spraying your hair, comb them with a close toothed comb.

  •   Double Bun: Half you hair in equal amounts, starting at the temples. Secure with small hair tie. Do the same for the bottom. With the top ponytail twist into appropriate shape and secure with bobby pins. Do the same for the bottom. Spray and you’re done. Hint!: For added volume start with high top pony tail tease at the crown then tie back. ALSO: to keep your double bun from separating and falling apart put one bobby pin through the twist going through the bottom twist, reverse: go through the bottom twist with second bobby pin to secure through the top twist. For messy look: Curl hair in small sections before, then wait three seconds after spraying, scrunch hair and comb fingers through.

  • Low Bun: Start with the low ponytail technique described above. Twist into bun, secure with appropriate number of bobby pins, spray and go. For messy look: Curl hair in small sections before, after bun is constructed, spray hair wait three seconds then scrunch hair and comb fingers through.



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